“I have had the opportunity to work with Sue. My experience with her has been excellence. She is creative, cost conscious and attentive to customers needs. Her work captured my vague vision of what I wanted in a brochure, pledge card stationary, and all our media materials. She surpassed my expectations. I never once doubted her suggestions for changes or rethinking the product we were working on at the time. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting media advice. ”
-Deborah F.

“Sue has done a great job for us creating a special logo for our anniversary year, and then again to update our logo post anniversary year. She is always professional, easy to work with, and provides quality work for a reasonable cost. I would certainly recommend her for your graphic design needs.”
-Cheryl T
“I have worked with Sue Schroeder on a variety of graphic design, marketing, and social media needs. Sue is creative, customer focused and asks great questions to insure that the end result is consistent with the outcome you are looking to accomplish. The social media presence remains fresh and targeted to the market you are looking to reach. Sue also helped our team to work on our overall brand and creating the items that we would need to move forward with solidifying that brand. Highly rated!”
   -Jennifer J.

"Boundlessly creative, Sue is an intense listener who uses her prolific talents to turn ideas and visions, into a visual story that mentally, emotionally and spiritually touches the viewer and draws them in. Sue’s ability to think differently, from the norm and often from the team, coupled with the courage to share her creative thoughts, brings a valued perspective to the team. She has the ability to stretch the boundaries of creative thinking, thus growing the individuals and the team.”                                      ~Krista M.

"Sue designed our logo for our restaurant. We really didn't have an idea of what we wanted but Sue came up with some great and original options and we ended up choosing one of her designs. Awesome!!"                                                                                            ~Patrick E.
"Sue has an ability to take a vision and put it on paper. When working on a project, she first listens and gains insight into that particular requests and from there begins her creative brainstorming. Her designs are unique because they are her visions, yet they fit uniquely into and throughout the project concept. Sue also brings to the table the ability to share not just one but maybe two or three different looks to one project. She enjoys thinking in the box but loves even more thinking outside the box. She gives you what you wanted but then overwhelms you with what you never thought of."                                                                                     ~Jim K.

"I gave Sue an idea for my business logo and labels, she nailed it. the work she did was fantastic and I've received many complements from friends, vendors and my printer. She was fast and worked within my budget. I want her to do all my designs."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ~Robert D.

"Sue is an expert at design -- and in addition, always incorporates strong usability principles in her work. Her projects have always exceeded criteria and she has challenged herself to go beyond what was required!"                                                                         ~Linda E.

"We have worked with Sue as a Creative contributor and a Designer, and her efforts and talents have been very helpful in growing our business. Feel free to call for background on specific contributions that Sue has made to our business."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~John R.

"Sue is amazing. I never met her in person we only communicated through email and phone and she did my artwork just the way I had it in my brain with no review. I highly recommend her to anyone."                                                                                                              ~Clef N.