These are only a few samples of some of the items I have on Teespring.com. If you would like to see my full Sleeplesslady site on Teespring you can follow the link @ https://teespring.com/people/sleeplesslady.com 
The items on this page will link you to the sample listing, but will take you off of my site. 

Why Teespring.com?

It is obvious at this point that I work with several POD sites. Teespring was my first. At that time, they had few options-many of the above samples will also be available in mugs, hoodies, totes or towels. The things I like most about teespring are; 1. the designer's interface is really easy to use and I feel like I have a little more control than I do on Amazon. 2. Teespring.com
has also started cross listing many of thier items on Amazon, so you get double the exposure. There are some sticky rules with content there, but this is a sweet deal. 3. It takes no time to get your designs up on teespring, and 4. I have had some customers have to deal with customer service at teespring and everyone has commented on what a great experience it was. So they must be doing something right!